Blonde AJ Applegate’s Steamy Nuru Massage: Hardcore, Shower, Open Mouth

Scene Title: The Customer Cums Second

Description: Zac Wild walks in the salon and as soon as AJ Applegate sees him, she rushes towards him. ‘Oh my god, Zachary…what are you doing here?’ she asks embarrassed. Zachary says her brother told him that she would be here. They have some small talk about what they’ve been up to the last few days. He asks if she’s still cheerleading and she says of course, they’ve been training like crazy to try to place well in an upcoming competition. The small talk continues and he remarks that he had no idea she was doing massages now, she must be keeping it quite a secret outside her family. AJ sheepishly explains that she got her massage degree and started working here a couple of months ago. Her family knows what she does, but she still keeps it on the down low because then all her friends would want her to give them free massages.

Once the small talk starts to taper off, she tells him she should probably get back to work. He stops her saying that he didn’t just come here to catch up, he wants a massage. ‘Umm, isn’t that kind of weird?’ she asks. ‘You’re like my brother’s best friend, it’d almost be like massaging my brother.’ He laughs and makes a joke saying he’s way cooler than her brother, how dare she compare them. She warms up a little and tells him that she actually has an hour until the next client so she could squeeze him in. ‘Perfect’ he says. She motions him with her index finger to follow her.

She invites him to follow her, but he cuts her off and says to hold on. ‘Do you happen to have your cheerleader uniform with you?’ he asks. ‘Yeah, I’m actually going to practice after work, why?’ she answers. ‘Cause it would be pretty awesome if you massaged me while you were wearing it with it on’ he responds.

‘Ummm… that’s a really strange request,’ she says. ‘Oh c’mon, it’ll be awesome!’ he retorts back. Although she thinks it’s strange, she agrees to wear the outfit, if that’s what he really wants. Zachary laughs and claps his hands in excitement as she leaves to change.

AJ returns, now in her cheerleader’s uniform, to the room where Zachary is standing there in his boxers with a big smirk on his face. He remarks that she looks amazing – she blushes hard, both a bit flattered but also a bit uncomfortable with the attention. She asks him to lie on the massage table. She massages him for a few minutes, and as she does he takes every opportunity to sneak peeks at her in the uniform and especially tries to see up her skirt.

After a few minutes of massage, he asks her to stop and sits up on the table. He remarks that this massage just isn’t doing it for him. Startled, she asks if she was doing anything wrong and he says no, he just wants something besides the standard massage. He says that he’s heard about something called ‘Nuru massage’ – her eyes go wide and she tells him that that’s not a massage they offer here. He laughs and asks really? Because he saw it on their website, he looked it up before coming here. And the way it’s described it sounds pretty risqué. AJ gasps and tells him that he had better not tell anybody about that, especially her brother! Her family doesn’t know what kind of parlor this is, and if she finds out they’ll be furious. Zachary tells her he’ll promise not to tell anybody… as long as he gets to try out a Nuru massage for himself. She shoots him an angry look but swiftly agrees.

She tells him it starts with a shower first. She start undressing, slowly peeling off the cheerleader uniform. ‘I hate to see you take it off,’ Zachary says, ‘but I always wanted to see you naked!’ he says. ‘Really?’ AJ asks with that same mix of flattery and uncomfortableness. She remarks that she never even knew he liked her, he always seemed to ignore her whenever he was at their house. ‘Do you think I’d ever want to risk my best friend finding out I have the hots for his sister?!’ he says with a laugh. She remarks that she always thought he was a bit of an asshole but he’s actually kind of cute. She starts soaping him up and finds herself even flirting with him, it’s obvious that the attraction has been there from the get-go. Her hands move down to his dick, and seeing that it’s hard, she says that he must think she’s pretty cute too. They start kissing as she strokes his dick, and then she gets on her knees to suck him off. ‘You have no idea how long I waited for this,’ he replies as he runs his hands through her hair as she sucks him.

After a brief shower, handjob, and blowjob, AJ leads Zachary to the opposite side of the room from the massage table where the Nuru mat has been laid out. She gets him comfortable and oils herself up well before she climbs on top of him. She massages him at first but then starts sliding up and down his body. They both get louder as she grinds on him. She takes his cock and as she’s about to put it inside her, she says, ‘You can’t tell anybody about this, promise??’