Blonde and Black-Haired Lesbians in Sensual All Girl Massage

Scene Title: One Last Job

Description: Charlotte Stokely, a masseuse, is relaxing in her living room when she hears her doorbell. She goes to answer it and is greeted by a woman, Jamie Michelle, holding a garment bag. As they chat, it’s revealed that they don`t know each other but that there’s been a mix-up at the dry cleaners they both use. Jamie accidentally got Charlotte’s clothes and vice-versa, so she wanted to be a good samaritan and drop off the right clothes!

Charlotte is very appreciative of Jamie’s thoughtfulness, inviting her in. They get to talking and Charlotte points out how she noticed Jamie’s garment bag has some nice lingerie in it. Jamie is a bit embarrassed, admitting that she’s having it cleaned and stored since she’s not getting much use out of it lately…

Even as Jamie says this, Charlotte notices just how tense Jamie is, perhaps secretly because of her dry spell. Since she’s a masseuse, Charlotte offers to give Jamie a nice massage to help repay her for returning the clothes. Although Jamie’s a bit flustered, she gives in and graciously accepts the kind offer.

As Charlotte gives Jamie a sensual massage, it doesn’t take long for things to heat up. Now Charlotte is convinced that the dry spell is the true root of Jamie’s tension, and there’s only one way to take care of that!