Blonde and Brunette Enjoy Intense Lesbian Massage at All Girl Massage

Scene Title: Post Move Squeeze

Description: Kylie Rocket is pleased when her regular client, Aiden Ashley, walks through the parlor’s doors. Aiden is so thankful that Kylie managed to squeeze her in for a massage appointment since she just moved and is aching all over. Now that she’s here, Aiden’s sure that Kylie will make her feel right as rain in no time.

Aiden soon strips down and lies down on her front along the massage table. Kylie gets straight to work as she slowly and sensually runs her magic hands up and down over Aiden’s naked body. Soon, all of Aiden’s stress fades away, her muscles becoming nice and relaxed. But once she’s eventually rolled over onto her back and her eyes meet Kylie’s, her body starts to heat up.

Kylie slowly runs her hands over Aiden’s breasts and perky nipples before leaning down to press a kiss against her flush skin. From that moment on, the massage takes an even more erotic turn and Aiden’s recent move is the furthest thing from her mind!