Blonde Fetish with Sloan Harper & Derrick Pierce at Nuru Massage

Scene Title: The Essence Of Sex: Part One

Description: Derrick Pierce walks in for his afternoon appointment. The receptionist, Sloan Harper, informs him that his masseuse is unfortunately running a little late. Pressed for time, he asks Sloan if she could service him today. She explains that she’s still an intern and doesn’t have the experience to give him a proper massage. Derrick can’t believe that a beautiful girl such as herself can’t give him what he wants. When he asks if the manager is around, she tells him she’ll be right back. Billy, the manager, walks in and greets Derrick. Derrick asks him why Sloan can’t service him, and he explains that she’s not confident enough in her abilities as she lacks some training. Derrick, who’s been coming to the salon for years, assures him that if she needs some training that he’s the one for the job. Billy ponders his offer and takes him up on it. Billy informs Sloan that she’s going to get some training from a pro and that she’s in good hands. He tells her to go ahead and get ready as she motions Derrick to follow her. Once they enter the shower, Derrick slowly starts to see that the once timid and reluctant Sloan, has got him covered as she’s a true professional. When he lies down on the mat, she oils every inch of his body making sure he’s nice and slippery. She glides on him, rubbing her pussy all over his back. When he turns over, she focuses on getting him nice and hard not hesitating to take that hard dick and put it inside her. Derrick surmises that she’s finally ready for the big leagues in the world of Nuru massage.