Blonde Lesbians Charlotte Stokely and Lola Hunter’s Erotic Massage Temptation

Scene Title: Hard Work Pays Off (HARDCORE)

Description: Making some money part time to pay for college, Lola Hunter is surprised to see her masseuse teacher Charlotte Stokely walk into her massage room. Charlotte is a little reluctant to have a massage by her student, considering she always takes the ‘special package’, but Lola is a professional, and can handle it. Charlotte removes her bathrobe, exposing her flawless body, her perky boobs already erect. Charlotte urges Lola to work on her ass and inner thighs, which cause the most pain. Lola digs her hands deep into Charlotte’s ass cheeks, squeezing them together. Charlotte asks if Lola can work on her thighs, and makes it very clear, she likes it extremely wet, especially around her pussy. Since Lola is adamant her grades in school are more than excellent she mentions that college is very important to her and will do anything to achieve her lifelong goals. Charlotte isn’t so sure about that, using her power as a teacher and Lola’s dedication to milk her student to do anything she asks. Lola is going to have her first lesson in lesbian satisfaction 101.

To be continued.