Blonde Lesbians Cherie DeVille and Carter Cruise Massage Nuru Gel

Scene Title: Bawdy Image

Description: Carter Cruise and her stepmom, Cherie DeVille, are at the gym pumping some iron. Rooting each other on, the girls work out harder than they ever have before. When they finish their workout, Carter is massaging Cherie’s shoulders. Cherie gets up, tells Carter to sit down and starts massaging her, adding that’s it’s her birthday and she should be getting the special treatment on her special day.

Cherie also has a surprise for her – since she’s 18, she can start working at the spa now. Carter is overjoyed. She always wanted to work at the family business. Cherie asks her if she would like to go by the office and get a little training. Carter is ecstatic as they get up and leave the gym. When they arrive at the spa, Cherie starts explaining how a Nuru massage is done. When she tells Carter that the first step is to get naked and clean the client in the shower, Carter starts giggling and blushing.

Does she have to get naked with a stranger? Cherie takes off her clothes and tells her to do the same. When they enter the shower, Carter is a little shy but Cherie promises she’ll be a pro in no time. Cherie starts massaging her body and before Carter knows it, she’s having the time of her life. When Cherie gets down on her knees and starts eating her pussy, it’s safe to say that this is the best birthday Carter has ever had.