Blonde Step-Sisters Experiment: Olivia Austin and Jake Jace at Nuru Massage

Scene Title: Step-Sisters Experiment

Description: Looking for an affordable apartment in the perfect location doesn’t come cheap. Today, Jake Jace is looking for open houses to visit. He needs a place but Olivia Austin’s prices are still a bit steep for him. As she gives the tour to her potential subletter, she notices his athletic body, taking a particular sight of his bulge wondering what big cock is hidden by his shorts! He takes note of a strange bed-like structure with a wooden bowl filled with some sort of clear substance. She apologizes, saying she didn’t have time to clean up her work space before he came. Intrigued with what he sees on the floor, he keeps asking questions, wondering more about what she does. She smirks, excited to show this handsome young ginger her big tits and her tight pussy. The Nuru Massage is her massage specialty, and she offers him a sample to maybe change his mind. It’s a tantalizing offer that even a stranger couldn’t say no to. And maybe, after a good rub down with Olivia’s big firm tits and warm, inviting pussy, he might reconsider the flat after all! When she finally takes his cock in her hands she assures him it’s all part of the massage. Then she tastes his cock, and commits to a mouth massage that he was never expecting. Things keep getting hotter when she lets him fuck her slimy big tits and finally rides his cock like there’s no tomorrow!