Blonde Teens Emma Hix and Adria Rae Tribbing Sensually!

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Scene Title: Soaping Up The Sitter

Description: Two friends, Adria Rae and Emma Hix, sneak into Adria’s mom’s closet. They are going out partying that night and are hoping to findsomething sexy they can wear. Both of Adria’s moms have always been stylish and a bit wild, so Adria and Emma are confident they’llfind something! But they’re quickly distracted when they find something other than clothes…

They take out a box, which is filled with things they haven’t quite seen before. Curiosity takes hold as they first remove a bottle of lube,although they innocently assume that it’s massage oil since one of Adria’s moms is a masseuse. Satisfied with the explanation, theycontinue rummaging through the box, pulling out various vibrators and mistaking them as massage tools. They are completely unawareas they turn on the toys and wrongfully conclude that the toys are back massagers. They decide to test this out, taking the box withthem into the bedroom.

Adria gets Emma to lay down first, turning on the ‘back massager’ and running it all over Emma’s back. As they take turns massagingeach other, they start to get hot between the vibrations and each other’s erotic touches. They eventually strip down so that they canbecome even more intimate, wanting to enjoy their massages to the fullest. Growing increasingly flustered, they check the box againand find a strap-on, finally realizing that they’ve been playing with sex toys all along!

Although they are a bit embarrassed, they’re too horny to turn back now. They pounce, passionately kissing each other before diving intosex. They eagerly eat out each other’s pussies before finally strapping into the strap-on to take it for a spin. It looks like they’re havingway more fun with their own private party!

Actors: Adria Rae , Emma Hix