Hairy Blonde Kenzie Taylor gets Nuru Gel Massage by Dad

Scene Title: Dad To The Rescue

Description: Stirling Cooper walks into a massage parlor and is met by Kenzie Taylor, who is a little too sexily dressed to be an ordinary masseuse — not that Stirling’s complaining! He is immediately taken by her beauty, hoping that she has a slot free so that he can squeeze in a sensual massage. When he starts getting flirty, Kenzie is amused as she points out that he shouldn’t be hitting on women when he’s a married man! However, Stirling insists that his wonderful wife is cool with it, which seems to be enough for Kenzie to take him into her parlor.

When Kenzie orders Stirling to strip down, he is quick to obey. He’s unable to keep his eyes off Kenzie as she strips down to join him, putting on a bit of a show for him. Once Stirling lays down on the mattress, Kenzie climbs on top of him, rubbing oil all over them and pressing their naked bodies close. As the heat builds between them, they fall into banter that seems to suggest that not all is as it seems…

Once Stirling asks for a happy ending, their lust completely consumes them. Kenzie eagerly lavishes his cock with her mouth, then sits atop him, sliding his cock into her pussy. As they slip and slide together, bringing each other some much needed relief, will Stirling’s wife REALLY be cool with all of this?