Hot Boss’s Day Foursome: Nikki, Abby, Eric at NuruMassage

Scene Title: Boss’s Day

Description: Abby’s job is a foreign concept to her guy Eric. But today she has a plan, no one is coming through the spa today so she’s got plenty of time. Eric is in for a treat too, cause it’s his first time getting a milking from his wife! Abby takes her time revealing what she does at the spa, and Eric likes every second, of the buildup. But, when Abby finally crawls under the milking table to suck his cock, their primal instincts take over, and the sparks begin to fly! Before long Abby has him moaning for more. When they hear a sound, Abby goes to check it out, leaving Eric hanging at the table. Nikki is just arriving, when she discovers an unfinished patient waiting in the table. Well like any good employee she resolves to finish him off in her warm mouth. Just then, Abby returns to find Nikki cleaning the cum from her face… Eric’s not getting any brownie points tonight!