Hot Brunette Silvia Saige Gets Nuru Gel Ass Massage

Scene Title: Promo Shoot

Description: The moment client Ramon Nomar meets his sexy brunette masseuse Silvia Saige, he’s convinced that he knows her from somewhere. She’s not hit with the same blast of recognition and chalks it up to having a familiar face. But once his brain finishes making the connection, he remembers walking in on her while she was in the middle of riding some guy. He still wants to get to the bottom of this mystery.

She brings him into the massage room and begins to undress. He helps her remove her bra and remarks on its expensive quality. She tells him she can afford it and she only works three days a week. In the shower, he asks if she is a model, in case that would account for her familiar face. She denies being a model and keeps soaping him up and rinsing him off. She really cleans his cock with both hands.

In the bathtub, he finally reveals where he saw her. It was at Eric’s party. She was having sex with his friend. He remembers her eyes. She tells him he’s mistaken and asks him to please drop it. Then she swallows his cock to help take his mind off it. Then she brings him to the NURU mat. She drizzles the thick viscous gel all over him. She coats herself too, then straddles his ass and glides her sticky pussy along his body. Then Ramon turns over onto his back. She leans back and gives him a footjob, then Silvia sits on his dick and fucks him till she she cums. He sideloads her pussy and pulls out just in time to cover her tummy in cum!