Intense Ebony Lesbians: Kira Noir and Daya Knight Oil Massage

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Scene Title: Back In The Saddle

Description: Daya Knight is just tiding up after her first day as a professional masseuse. Kira Noir walks in and asks her how her first day went. Daya tells her that she had three male clients and that they were all really nice. Kira asks if the staff offered her any yoni training. Daya tells her she hasn’t had any. Kira volunteers to help her. Daya is delighted at the opportunity and thanks her. Kira asks her to take off her clothes. Daya didn’t know it was that type of massage but doesn’t want to squander the opportunity to learn something new. She gets undressed and lies down. She starts with her back before climbing onto the table to massage her ass. Daya questions that part of the massage asking if it’s standard practice. Kira states that it is, adding that it’s important to make sure that this area is worked on as it holds a lot of stress. Kira tells her that now would be a good time to switch to see how much she’s been paying attention. Kira takes off her clothes and lies down on her back making sure to spread her legs for easy access. Kira instructs her step by step. First, she massages the legs, then the inner thighs. She moves closer to the pussy as she massages around it before playing with her pussy lips. Kira tells her to put a finger in her as Daya moves it in and out of her wet pussy. It doesn’t take long to make Kira cum. Daya is such a good student that Kira feels like it might be a perfect time to return the favor. And when she makes her cum over and over, she assures her that she’ll never forget her yoni training.