Intense Lesbian Massage with Lola Foxx and Teagan Riley

Scene Title: Facial Overload #03, Scene #10

Description: Teagan Riley and Lola Foxx have been working hard in L.A., and thought Vegas for Spring Break would be an absolute blast, but after days of partying and long nights of dancing, Lola is flat exhausted and very tense. Teagan wants nothing but to continue their party week, but Lola feels it is just too much! They compromise. Lola gets a massage from Teagan in exchange for another night out. The massage is well under way when Lola brings up Teagan’s break up with Vanessa. As the conversation gets hotter, the Massage follows close behind. Teagan can barely contain herself, and when Lola reassures her that she’s doing a wonderful job, Teagan takes advantage of the situation and begins to suck Lola’s beautiful tits. Teagan takes control, and gives Lola’s cute pussy the massage it desperately deserves, eventually taking her clit in her mouth, massaging her pussy with her strong tongue. Soon they are eating each other out expertly in 69 and cumming at the top of their lungs! Lola has won Teagan over, and instead of going out they decide to use the in-room bathtub!