Intense Lesbian Massage: Maddy and Jenna Explore Brotherly Pleasures

Scene Title: Brotherly Lay

Description: Jenna Sativa and Maddy O’Reilly are in the living room workout out and doing some stretching. When Jenna asks Maddy to pull her from her waist as she lies on the floor, she somehow manages to grab her pussy instead. Jenna falls to the ground and hurts her back. Maddy feels so bad so she starts massaging her shoulder, asking if she’s ok. Jenna asks her if she minds if she lies down, she’s really in pain. Maddy starts massaging her shoulder as she continues to apologize. She tells her she’s sorry she crossed a boundary; she got confused and thought that she liked her. When Jenna tells her that in all actuality she is kinda sore down there, Maddy realizes that perhaps her instincts were right. She starts massaging her lower back until Jenna asked her to go lower. When she starts working on her ass and upper legs, Jenna moans, telling her that despite her being sore, it feels really good. When Maddy asks Jenna if she feels better, Jenna turns around and tells her she will as soon as she massages her pussy. Maddy’s confused but takes her hand and motions her to play with her pussy. She’s does as she’s told as Jenna enjoys Maddy’s hand on her pussy. When the girls start kissing it looks like their workout has just begun! As they take off their clothes, they eat each other’s pussies and asses. When they 69 and cum in each other’s mouths, it looks like it’s time to plan another workout together: a workout they’ll never forget.