Intense Nuru Massage with Eve Marlowe and Derrick Pierce

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Scene Title: Miracle Cure

Description: Eve Marlowe answers her front door to find her new neighbor, Derrick Pierce, holding a package. It turns out that Derrick spotted a thief trying to steal it from Eve’s doorstep and managed to stop them. He apologizes to Eve, explaining that the thief managed to steal a few items from within the box before Derrick was able to intercept them. When Even investigates, she sees that a few of her NURU gel packets were stolen, though she greatly appreciates Derrick stepping in to help her.

Eve wants to return the favor, so she invites Derrick inside and offers to give him a NURU massage as a reward. He accepts, though is surprised when Eve mentions that they have to get fully naked for the massage to be done properly. She assures him that this is strictly professional, though there are subtle hints of attraction between them as they both strip down.

Even pours the NURU gel over her luscious body, letting it drip from her plump breasts and cascade onto Derrick’s back. She slides her body over his and then asks him to flip onto his back. Before long, his cock gets hard, and Eve can’t help but put it in her mouth. Is this part of the massage? Derrick doesn’t seem to care and dives headfirst into a playful, slippery sexual experience with his sexy neighbor. Eve is happy to do it for him and after all, she wants to make sure his good deed goes well-rewarded.