Intense Nuru Massage with Gia Derza and Evan Stone!

Scene Title: An Honest Mistake

Description: Gia Derza is visited by her landlord, Evan Stone. They’re friendly towards each other, but Evan firmly says they need to talk. Evan tells Gia that he suspects she’s running a business from her apartment, which goes against the terms of her lease. Gia admits that she offers NURU massage services from the apartment, and Evan tells her she has to stop or risk being evicted. Gia gets flirty and tries to sweet talk him into letting her continue the business, but Evan isn’t convinced. However, there are hints of attraction from Evan.

Gia then changes tactics and sweet talks him into accepting a massage to de-stress. Evan is hesitant but is eventually talked into it, unable to resist Gia. She becomes more flirty as she says that they have to undress for the massage, because they wouldn’t want to get NURU gel all over their clothes. Evan is obviously attracted to her and does so, while she strips down as well. Evan then lies down on the massage mattress, and Gia massages his back.

Gia then asks Evan to turn over so she can massage his front, and he becomes aroused. She jumps on this opportunity to win him over, sucking on his cock and rubbing her breasts against him, and he enjoys every minute of it. As he eagerly pounds his cock into her, it becomes clear that Gia’s not going to be evicted after all!

Actors: Evan Stone , Gia Derza