Intense Nuru Massage with Victoria June and Justin Hunt

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Scene Title: Routine Massage

Description: Victoria June is on the phone with a girlfriend and she’s venting about a creepy guy who’s been stalking her and making her feel uncomfortable. When she realizes the time, she gets off the phone to get ready for work. Little does she know that when she walks out, dressed in the sexiest lingerie, that very same guy is there to greet her. Justin Hunt just stares at her as she asks him what the hell he’s doing there. She’s had enough as she demands to know how he found out that she works there. He responds by blackmailing her, saying that it would be a shame if everyone at school found out that she works there. Having no room to move, she asks him what he wants. He simply wants a massage. She tells him fine but she’s not taking off her clothes and he agrees. He takes his clothes off and gets ready. She reluctantly pours the shower gel in her hand and starts working on his back. She’s so grossed out and just wants to get this over with. She’s on her knees, massaging his legs, when he turns around to unveil a raging hard-on. She can’t believe her eyes as she turns away asking him to shower off the gel as they move to the next step. When he enters the bath, he asks her if she’s coming in too. She just stares at him, wondering how the hell she arrived at this moment in her life. He asks her to remove her top: he says that he’s allergic to the material she’s wearing. Not given much of a choice, she takes it off and enters the bath. When he starts jerking off, she tells him to get on the mat immediately so they can get this over with. Pouring the gel all over him, he asks her if she’s ever gonna actually give him a massage as she’s barely touched him so far. She complies as she glides on top of him. She can’t help but notice how perfect his dick is and despite the fact that he’s a huge weirdo, she decides that she wants it inside her.