Interracial Lesbian Massage: Jenna Sativa & Jenna Foxx Go Wild

Scene Title: Parlor Tricks: Tricked By The In-Laws

Description: Jenna Sativa, a masseuse and owner of a massage parlor, is talking to a friend on her cellphone. She says that her parlor is under suspicion of ‘presumed sexual shenanigans’ with her clients, so she’ll have to stop getting frisky with clients… even though that’s her favorite thing to do!

After ending the phone call, the masseuse solemnly vows that she will NEVER have sex with a client again. But when a beautiful new client, Jenna Foxx, enters the parlor for her massage appointment, the masseuse realizes this will be easier said than done.

As soon as the client strips down, the air is sucked out of the masseuse’s lungs, and she has to remind herself of her sacred vow. But once the masseuse rubs her hands all over her client’s sexy body — AND learns that the client is feeling lonely — that vow will just have to wait until AFTER today!