Interracial Nuru Gel Massage: Brunette Bluff Busted by Liv Revamped

Scene Title: Calling Her Bluff

Description: Seth Gamble is trying to work but can’t concentrate because of all the NOISE coming from the apartment above him, where a new neighbor (who Seth hasn’t met yet) has recently moved in. Finally unable to take it anymore, Seth storms off to confront the neighbor.

Seth angrily bangs on the new neighbor’s door but is then shocked when Liv Revamped, a beautiful woman in a robe, answers. Seth tries to keep his cool as he introduces himself as her downstairs neighbor, then downplays how noisy she’s been. Liv is mortified, apologizing as she invites Seth in to explain everything.

Once they’re inside, Liv explains that she runs an in-home nuru massage parlor, which is where some of the noise comes from, though she tries her hardest to keep it down. By way of apology, she offers to give Seth a nuru massage, although Seth has no idea yet what a nuru massage even is. Once she explains the intimate and sensual process to him, he’s flustered but game.

As they get naked and Liv begins rubbing her naked body all over Seth’s own, things heat up. It looks like it’s time to make some noise of their own!