Interracial Nuru Massage with Ebony beauties Kira Noir and Daya Knight

Scene Title: Arabian Nights

Description: Cyrus King has heard really good things about the massage parlor down the street. Needing some down time, he decides to walk down and check it out. He walks into the reception area and is greeted by the owner and two of the loveliest ladies he has ever seen. Kira Noir & Daya Knight introduce themselves which leaves Cyrus with a huge dilemma; he has no idea who to choose. The owner of the salon has an idea; if he wants the girlfriend experience why doesn’t he just take both girls? Cyrus is ecstatic, he didn’t even know that was an option! He follows the girls as they lead him to the massage area in the back. They escort him to the shower and ask him to take off his clothes which he does happily. The girls are eager to see him naked as they help him undress. They turn the water on and start soaping him up, but it doesn’t take long before things escalate. Cyrus has an hour booked with the ladies and isn’t going to waste a minute of it. As he gropes both girls, making sure to get a handful of tits and ass, the girls stroke his cock as they make out with him in the process. They rinse off and ask him to lie down on the mat where they proceed to oil up his entire body. The girls take turns sliding on him, but it isn’t before long that his cock ends up in one of them. He takes turns fucking each girl before he inevitably blows his load all over Kira’s ass, which Daya licks up enthusiastically.