Kendra Spade’s Intense Nuru Gel Massage Ends in Explosive Bliss

Scene Title: Honey, It Started As A Footjob: Part Two

Description: Marcus London is having car trouble. When he gets a flat tire, he ends up pulling something in his back and hurting himself. When he calls in to see if there are any spots available for a massage, Kendra Spade is happy to inform him that there is a timeslot open. Relieved to find out he’ll be getting some much needed TLC, Marcus gets in his car and drives off. Meanwhile at the salon, Kendra is looking super sexy in her bra and G-string. As she waits for Marcus to arrive, she prepares the room, pouring the Nuru gel in the wooden bowl. She gets some on her fingers and can’t help but taste some of it as she laps it up with her tongue. When Marcus arrives, he calls out wondering if anyone is there. When Kendra enters the rooms to greet him, he realizes that it’s a new girl and expresses his concerns. Kendra tells him she has the perfect technique to alleviate his back pain and assures him it will do the trick. When they walk into the room together there isn’t a massage table in sight. When Marcus asks where the table is she goes into detail about how the Nuru massage works and how they’re better suited working on a mat on the floor. When she informs him that they’ll be showering together she asks him to take off his clothes. They enter the shower together and Kendra starts massaging his body, focusing not just on his back but his chest and legs. She starts playing her pussy as she lathers his body. She grabs his cock and starts stroking it telling him it’s part of the massage. Once they enter the bath she can’t help but go straight for his dick as she puts it in her mouth and starts sucking it. Once they get on the mat it isn’t long before she puts his cock inside her pussy. With his back pain gone, Marcus is sure to book some time with Kendra again and experience the Nuru massage pain-free.