Lost and Found: Sadie Holmes & Will Powers’ Erotic Massage

Scene Title: Where Is Jackie?

Description: Sadie is so horny she vows to suck the next cock that walks in’,’Sadie Holmes is having a horny day. She vows to suck the next cock she sees just as Will Powers walks into the spa. He’s a regular customer that comes in for massages often. Before they even make it upstairs, Sadie steals a feel of his cock and you know she is about to unleash all that pent up sexual energy on him. Will is about to have his world rocked by the ultra horny Sadie. She lubes his back up and begins to massage him deeply. Her hands roll over his body with ease and Sadie releases his tension with every thrust. When Sadie turns Will over and has unrestricted access to his cock, she can’t help but wrap her lips around it. She is so badly in need of dick that you can tell she’s enjoying every minute of him growing in her sweet mouth. Hear it hit the back of her throat as she works it deep and hard. Sadie moves onto giving him a sensual handjob complete with pussy rubbing as she gets her clit off.