Mocha Menage and Oliver Davis Explore Sensual Nuru Massage!

Scene Title: Second Impressions

Description: Oliver Davis feels generally unwell and, although he has visited numerous doctors, can’t find answers as to what is wrong with him. Finally, he sees a more progressive MD, Mocha Menage, who takes a very holistic approach to treatment. She quickly determines that his symptoms are caused by a lack of human contact and decides on a course of treatment — a nuru massage — to overload him with the contact he’s been sorely lacking.

After stripping down and grabbing the nuru gel, she gives him a sensual massage, sliding her naked body all along his own. Gradually, Oliver starts to feel better and better… until he accidentally becomes aroused. After Mocha sees that sexual contact causes his symptoms to improve even MORE drastically, the good doctor realizes that a sensual sex session is the miracle cure that he’s been looking for all along!