Naughty Nuru Massage: Natasha Nice & Joshua Lewis Knock, Knock!

Scene Title: Knock, Knock!

Description: Natasha Nice, a masseuse, is at work when Apollo Banks and Joshua Lewis step in. She smiles when she sees them since they are friends of her boy, though is then surprised when they admit to wanting to try some of her services. Although Natasha is a little taken aback, she soon goes over the services she provides.

Apollo and Joshua then become a bit sheepish as they realize that getting a massage is more expensive than they thought it’d be. They then ask if they can ‘go halfsies’ on a single massage with Natasha massaging BOTH of them at the same time. Natasha is amused at the odd request but decides to go along with it.

A few minutes later. Natasha leads Joshua and Apollo into a private massage room that has two nuru mattresses side-by-side. They all undress for the massage, then Joshua and Apollo climb onto the mattresses. Natasha slowly and sensually gives a nuru massage to both Apollo and Joshua, alternating between them as she rubs her naked, glistening body along theirs. As she does, the young men squabble a little over her, which starts to make Natasha a bit curious.

Eventually, another squabble breaks out and it’s revealed that they both think Natasha is hot! Natasha acts stern as she confronts them about it, which makes Apollo and Joshua further admit that they’re also virgins who just wanted to be touched by her.

Fully expecting to be booted out, to Joshua and Apollo’s surprise, Natasha is actually amused by the situation. She then surprises them even more by taking their cocks into her hands, admitting that she thinks they’re pretty cute… Now it’s time to give them both what they REALLY came for!