Nuru Massage: Curvy Blonde Kaiia Eve gets Erotic Legacy Treatment

Scene Title: Honoring Her Legacy

Description: Kaiia Eve, a masseuse, greets a nervous and awkward Nick Strokes and tries to make him feel comfortable before his massage. She soon learns that the reason Nick has been feeling so stressed lately is that he’s still a virgin and has no idea how to talk to girls, a fact that may make it IMPOSSIBLE to join a fraternity at his college.

Kaiia, wanting to get him as relaxed as possible, offers to give him pointers on how to talk to girls while giving him a nuru massage. When Nick learns about the body-to-body contact, he is flustered but easily agrees.

Once they strip down, Kaiia breaks out the massage oil and drizzles it all over her naked body. Then she begins working Nick over, rubbing against him while doing everything in her power to help him build confidence. It works TOO well and Nick soon pops a boner! Lucky for Nick, Kaiia’s ready to give him the ultimate confidence boost…