Nuru Massage: Erotic Lingerie Ball Play with Gianna Dior

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Scene Title: Keeping Things Professional

Description: Lucas Frost, a courier, is racing to make a delivery to a massage parlor. Along the way, he has an accident on his bike, which leads to the package he’s carrying getting damaged. To his dismay, the package begins leaking all over him, a clear liquid soaking through his clothes. Although the item’s clearly ruined, he still valiantly carries on, reaching the massage parlor.

When he arrives, Gianna Dior isn’t happy with her expensive NURU gel having been damaged. Despite her irritation, she offers to wash and dry Lucas’ clothes, and they move into a private room so that he can strip down. Although he’s shy at first, it doesn’t take him long to shed his clothes. After she takes his clothes, he plays around with the leaking bottle of NURU gel a bit and is caught in the act. Since he’s curious, Gianna offers to give him a NURU massage to see the gel in action.

To start things off, they climb into the shower together. As Gianna washes Lucas’ body, she becomes less irritated and more attracted. Meanwhile, Lucas is already beyond attracted to the sexy masseuse, his hard cock impossible for either of them to ignore. Yet, Gianna plays coy… until they leave the shower and lay down on the inflatable mattress together.

She pours the oil all over their naked bodies, then slides along him, building the heat between them. There’s no denying that they both only want one thing now… so Gianna doesn’t waste much time before gliding Lucas’ cock into her pussy. Suddenly, all is forgiven as Lucas gives her all the pleasure she could ever want!