Nuru Massage: Teen Brunette Jill Kassidy’s Sensual Encounter with Codey

Scene Title: My Former Teacher

Description: Codey Steele is enjoying a flirty video call with his wife while lounging on the couch. It’s their anniversary, but she is away for work. Although he supports her, Codey’s feeling a little lonely… and horny… though his attempt at having cam sex is interrupted by a knock on the door.

Codey is confused as he answers the door to find Jill Kassidy, a masseuse there. When he questions his wife about it, she reveals that she got him an erotic massage as an anniversary gift! It’ll help take the edge off until they can be together again.

Codey is stunned as he realizes this means getting a massage with a happy ending. ‘It’s not cheating if I give you permission,’ his wife playfully assures him, putting him at ease. Codey can’t believe what an awesome wife he has as they say their goodbyes so that he can go and enjoy his anniversary gift.

He is a bit bashful, at first, as Jill sets up the mattress and invites him to strip down while she does the same. He quickly strips down and lays on the mattress, unable to believe his luck as she announces she’s going to rub oil all over him and slide along his body. Codey is in heaven as Jill presses her body close, her perky breasts pressed into his back, and glides along him. To his delight, it’s not long before Jill takes his cock into her hot mouth, getting him good and hard. Then she climbs atop him, sinking his cock into her sweet pussy. As they slip and slide together, Codey decides that this is the best anniversary gift ever!