Nuru Massage’s Gym Teacher Britney Amber Gets Deepthroated Hardcore!

Scene Title: Gym Teacher

Description: Britney Amber is at work masturbating again. It’s been quiet all afternoon and what a better way to kill some time then some good old-fashioned pussy playing. Unfortunately for her, someone has decided to interrupt her fun by calling the salon. She stops rubbing her clit and picks up the phone, totally out of breath. She books the appointments and hangs up the phone. When Derrick Pierce walks into the massage parlor, Britney helps him book his massage. She recognizes him but doesn’t realize that he’s actually the owner and has decided to go undercover to see why this specific place is bringing in more dough than the rest. She takes him to the back and asks him to get undressed. When she takes off her lingerie in front of him, he can’t help but stare. He snaps himself out of it, reminding himself of why’s he’s there in the first place. As she massages his body in the shower, she takes his hand and places it on her breast and smiles. When she starts blowing him, he starts to realize that perhaps this is where the extra income is coming from. He gets so into it that he forgets why he’s even there. Once they move onto the mat, all he’s thinking about is when he’s gonna be able to put his dick inside her. And when he finally cums on her ass, he thanks her for a job well done.