Redhead Kaiia Eve and Sonia Harcourt Tribbing in All Girl Massage

Scene Title: You Snooze You Lose

Description: Sonia Harcourt arrives at a house for a scheduled massage appointment with her client Kelly but is surprised to be greeted by Kaiia Eve instead. Kaiia’s here watching Kelly’s cats, and Kelly won’t be back until probably much later, or even the following day. Sonia’s a bit anxious, Kelly hires her every two weeks and they WERE supposed to have an appointment now… maybe Kelly forgot and didn’t let Sonia know? It’s certainly an awkward situation.

Since Sonia doesn’t have a refund policy, she asks Kaiia if she’d be willing to go through the massage instead. Sonia came all the way here, and since it’s already paid for, Kaiia might as well grab it while it’s hot. Kaiia thinks it over and figures why not. She invites Sonia inside and lets her set up in the living room. Sonia strips naked and lies on the massage table, her ass elevated by a bolster that Sonia has placed there.

Sonia begins pouring oil over Kaiia’s back and works her hands into her knots and kinks. Kaiia immediately starts to loosen up, loving every single movement of Sonia’s experienced hands. They chat throughout the massage and grow fonder of each other with each passing moment. Before long, sparks seem to fly between them and they start flirting with each other. When Sonia gets down to Kaiia’s amazing ass, it’s clear she wants more. Kaiia’s ready and willing to let Sonia get to know her even better, so Sonia spreads her cheeks and starts rimming her. Soon enough, they proceed to have playful and sensual sex on the massage table. Too bad for Kelly- she’s missed quite the massage today, but as they say: if you snooze, you lose!