Sensual Brunettes Aften Opal and Kylie Rocket Enjoy Hot All Girl Massage!

Scene Title: Massage Me Everywhere

Description: Kylie Rocket is grateful that her masseuse, Aften Opal, was able to come over to her house. Kylie’s boyfriend has been stressing her out lately, so she could REALLY use a massage. Aften says that she’s happy to help.

Kylie strips down for the massage, then lies down on the massage table and covers herself with a towel. Aften gives Kylie a sensual massage, helping Kylie’s tense body to relax. It’s clear that Kylie has been under a lot of stress, so Aften suggests removing Kylie’s towel in order to do a more thorough massage. Kylie agrees to it, and Aften massages Kylie’s nude body while inviting her to talk about her troubles.

Kylie shares that she’s not very happy with her boyfriend – in fact, she’s so unhappy that she’s beginning to think that she doesn’t even like guys. Kylie feels that all of her female friends have been MUCH nicer to hang out with, so she definitely seems to prefer the company of women… could Kylie be a lesbian? Kylie wishes that she could try being with a woman to find out for sure. Luckily, Aften is happy to help with lots of things, so she kisses Kylie and leads her through a pleasurable lesbian sex session.