Sensual Brunettes Angelica and Missy Enjoy Steamy All Girl Massage

Scene Title: Relaxation After Practice

Description: The beautiful south west backdrop of Arizona sets up this massage as Angelica Saige and Missy Martinez discuss their upcoming life transitions. Sealing the deal as a buyer, by helping the seller enjoy a calming massage shows off just how kind and caring Missy can be when she is in a giving mood. Truth be told, the moment these two met, the sexual tension was already in the air and one girl buying the other one’s bedroom adds a lot of kink to what would otherwise be a modest sexual massage arrangement. Now that the girls are forever linked by shared orgasms and deep tongue massage, wherever they go apart they will always be able to reminisce about their shared experiences this afternoon. Wild, wet orgasms and a big climax were enough to have Angelica wanting to lick the sheets again at her place later that same afternoon!