Sophia Torres Repays John with Big Time Nuru Massage

Scene Title: I Owe John Big Time

Description: Hey Guys,

First, I just want to say how happy I am to be working here, finally. Eric has been telling me for years what he’s been doing for money, and today I actually get to try! My first client was Sophia. She said she is some kind of model, but I know she is a webcam girl. She was such an easy prey, and it wasn’t hard to get her primed to suck my cock! Next time give me something a little harder to reel in! If she wants to keep her secret, I told her she’d have to do a little secret sucking for me! See how good I was! Eric you’re really proud of me right? Right? Well anyway, I’m coming back whether you like it or not, and I promise to be the main attraction! Out of the way wise guys! Here comes Tyler!

Mr. Nixon