Surprising Encounter! Straight Girl Charly Gets Seduced by Dante – Nuru Massage

Scene Title: I Thought You Were Straight??

Description: Dante Colle and his wife Charly Summer are disappointed when a pregnancy test they took comes back negative. They’ve been trying to start a family for so long, but with no luck. Dante cheers Charly up, insisting that they’ll keep trying.

Charly then tells Dante about something she heard from a friend – there’s an erotic massage called NURU, and her friend claims that it can help couples get pregnant. Although slightly incredulous, Dante agrees that they should give it a try. The next day – after having researched NURU online – they have set up the NURU mattress and supplies. They are nervously excited to begin the massage.

Charly puts NURU gel on her breasts, and begins sliding her body against Dante’s. They start to enjoy this new activity, and the massage becomes more sensual and erotic. Eventually, Charly caresses and sucks on Dante’s cock, which they also both enjoy. But can the NURU massage really help Charly get pregnant? There’s only one way to find out: Dante has to cum in her pussy.