Trisha Parks and Axel Aces Engage in Wild Martial Arts

Scene Title: Martial Arts Accident

Description: Axel Aces finishes his reps but his shoulder isn’t in the best of shape so his trainer Trisha Parks suggests they call it quits and head to the massage room. Trisha embarrassingly explains to Axel that her team set up the wrong massage table so he’ll have to have a Nuru Massage. Axel is very interested in testing out this new concept and it’s full on body to body naked contact. When Axel comes in fully nude she can’t help but glare at his body and his big cock. Trisha glides the Nuru gel all over his back with her perky tits, slithering her body from top to bottom. As she positions herself over his chest, she cant help but feel attraction for her client, absentmindedly kissing him. She immediately apologizes but Axel is turned on by her erotic nature and allows Trisha to do more than just be his trainer. She opens her mouth and massages Axel’s erect cock and balls softly, preparing him for her tight pussy. Trisha’s kinky perversion desires more from Axel’s cock as she squeezes his erection deep inside of her butt and spreads her ass cheeks apart filling her hungry hole with his hard and thick cock resulting in a massive cum load all over her sweet shaved pussy!