Blonde Babes Jana Jordan and Aaliyah Love’s Steamy Shower Seduction

Scene Title: My Bachelor Party

Description: Aaliyah Love takes her regular run down the hill when she meets Jana Jordan on the way. Aaliyah proposes they run together since she knows the trails pretty well with Jana being new to the neighborhood. Running a lot longer than expected, the girls sit down, catching their breaths. Aaliyah complains about her neck being sore. Jana offers her a massage in the comfort of her home; after all they were friends now! Aaliyah hops into the shower, prepared to be pampered on the bed, but Jana thinks the shower will be the best place to do it, after all. Aaliyah is shocked to see Jana disrobe, completely naked, not expecting that at all. Jana starts teasing Aaliyah, before revealing that Aaliyah’s husband has been to many nights of swingers parties. Aaliyah doesn’t believe it at first, but Jana is very convincing telling her she has proof of it. Jana rubs Aaliyah’s ass and boobs, convincing her she likes it and this is exactly what she wanted the minute they met on the hill. Jana convinces Aaliyah she wants more than just a jogging partner, she wants a lesbian lover to taste for the first time!