Blonde Helly Hellfire Gets Hardcore Nuru Massage on NuruMassage

Scene Title: The Shutdown

Description: Guys,

Helly came in saying she’s feeling stressed for personal reasons, and I knew from the first minute there was something fishy. She wouldn’t tell me what was going on, but from that moment onward I knew I had to know. I told her to let things out of her mind and let her worries go. Helly was excited when I told her that my techniques are more helpful for relaxing nerve centers, but I doubt she knew what I meant. At least she couldn’t say I didn’t warn her. Eventually she told me about her boyfriend, Johnny Black! I told her about how he got married, and she started freaking out! Haha a little lie can go a long way! From there it takes no time before she’s conspiring to get revenge with me! Haha, it’s not too often the girls come up with the plan! We make a sex tape! She really showed her chops when she started screaming at the top of her fucking lungs! I’m such a sneaky bastard.