Interracial Nuru Massage with Coco Lovelock and Oliver Davis

Scene Title: Can’t Argue With Results!

Description: Oliver Davis and his girlfriend, Coco Lovelock, are casually chatting when his nosy parent walks by and butts in. She says that she has a gift for them, gushing about what a cute couple they are, and gives them a massage kit. Oliver and Coco are both embarrassed, especially when the parent insists that they try it right away. Flustered, they say it’s not necessary but she persists. Realizing that they won’t be able to shake her otherwise, Oliver and Coco take their gift and shuffle to the bathroom.

Once Oliver and Coco are alone in the bathroom, they check the instructions for the massage kit. They are shocked as they discover that it’s for erotic nuru massages! Surely she didn’t mean to give them something so adult?? Oliver is too embarrassed to tell his parent that she made a mistake, but he also knows if they don’t actually use the nuru kit, she will notice and be insulted. Since they both are still a little weirded out, knowing the parent is elsewhere in the house, Oliver and Coco decide to use the kit and skip out on the actual sex aspect of it…

Soon enough, they set everything up and undress. Coco oils them up and gives Oliver a slow, sensual massage, rubbing her perky breasts all over him. Although they try to keep things platonic, they gradually become swept up in the erotic nature of the massage. Even when the nosy parent interrupts briefly to check in on them, it doesn’t shake the couple’s growing arousal. Soon enough, they decide to go for a happy ending… quietly!