Blonde Lesbians Jessa Rhodes and Val Dodds’ Sensual Bubble Butt Massage

Scene Title: Apple Bottom

Description: Jessa has been cabbing people around all day, and just as she thought she was done with her day, her last client Val Dodds doesn’t have the resources to reward her taxi girl. Jessa is fed up, when Val tries slipping her an IOU, sending Jessa into ultimate freak out mode. Soon, though Val notices intuitively that Jessa is tense. she offers Jessa a free massage since she feel so bad, and Jessa starts to begin to calm down, until she finds out that the massage is supposed to be naked. Jessa exclaims to Val that she’s not a lesbian, and Val tells her that everyone does it this way. Unsuspecting, both girls start enjoying the shower, despite Jessa feeling a bit uncomfortable as her masseuse begins touching her everywhere. Jessa is happy to get out of the shower and into the bath, where Val begins taunting Jessa with her mouth, kissing her passionately. Jessa quickly decides that this experience will only be good for her, and indulges in Val’s seduction but only up till she can’t take it anymore, exclaiming she’s not a lesbian. Taking care to make sure her lesbian massage is the best it could be, Val spreads Jessa’s legs and begins chowing down on her beautiful pussy, pinching her nipples until she is about to cum. Val stops to move on to the massage, where she continues her seduction, but with the beautiful feeling of the sexy slippery Nuru Gel between their bodies. Val gets Jessa to eat her pussy out in 69, and trib their pussies together until they cum! when her client finally cums, Val knows she’s made an impression, and Jessa will be back, for sure!