Blonde Teen Chloe Scott gets Oiled up and Fucked Hard

Scene Title: The Sales Rep

Description: Marcus London is back for another massage and what better way to get the juices flowing than to have a new girl work on him. Not only is she right out of high school, but she’s the owner’s daughter! She assures him that despite her being new he should be 100% satisfied. He thanks her and goes upstairs to get ready. When Chloe Scott walks in, Marcus can’t believe his eyes. She is so fucking hot! When she tells him she wants it in her ass, he promises that he’ll deliver. But when she cuts him off asking him what the hell his problem is, he realizes he’s been daydreaming. She’s about to cancel on him when he apologizes.

Saying he misunderstood, everything gets cleared up and they take off their clothes and enter the shower. She lathers his body, covering every inch of it with soap. She can’t help but notice his excitement as she reaches down and starts stroking his cock. Asking her if he can lather her body, he starts massaging her pussy as they kiss. Moving into the bath, they seem to have forgotten all about the massage as they make out more passionately than before. Wondering what’s next on the menu, Marcus tells Chloe that she sucks his dick.

Happy to comply, she spits on it before putting it in her mouth. They’re both eager to fuck but have to finish the last step before that can happen. Settling on the massage for now, Marcus lies down as Chloe begins to oil up his body. Wasting no time, she climbs on top of his back and starts sliding her pussy up and down his entire body. It isn’t long before she reaches for his cock and starts jerking him off again. Soon, that cock is where it belongs: right in her teenage pussy!