Blonde Teen Kyler Quinn Blows Big Dick at Nuru Massage

Scene Title: Power Through

Description: Kyler Quinn, an intelligent young masseuse-in-training, is learning the ropes from Troy Francisco, an experienced massage therapist. As he praises her for how well her training’s been coming along so far, he confidently decides that it’s time to see how she handles giving a NURU massage — the most sensual of all massages. And what better way for her to comfortably learn than to practice on him?

Despite the praise, Kyler’s a little nervous and shy about practicing on Troy since he’s her coworker. But with a little more encouragement from Troy, Kyler’s ready to try giving a NURU massage for the first time.

At first, Kyler is a little unsure of herself as they both strip down and she grabs the oil. When Troy notices her nerves, he soothingly tells her that she knows her stuff and should just trust her instincts — don’t overthink it! His kindness and faith in her sparks new confidence for Kyler… and the calming massage is about to get a whole lot steamier!