Hope Harper & Tommy Gunn’s Wild Nuru Cumfest @ Nuru Massage!

Scene Title: The After-Party

Description: Client Tommy Gunn fills out a health questionnaire and returns it to the NURU masseuse Hope Harper. She inquires about the back muscle spasms listed on the sheet, and Tommy explains he’s been suffering for about two weeks. Hope suggests he seek medical attention, since his symptoms are persistent, but Tommy thinks a NURU massage will do the trick. She agrees to service the client, having given her warning, and guides the gentleman client to the massage room. Hope starts of the treatment by dazzling Tommy with a sexy display of her fine form, taking off all of her garments. Next she undresses her client and leads him into the standing shower. She applies soap to his skin and can’t help but handle his burgeoning erection. She even lets him touch her even though it’s only supposed to be the other way around. They exchange some kisses, and Tommy’s cock rises to the occasion when Hope strokes him feverishly with soap. They move into the bathtub where she wiggles her ass on his lap, offering up a delicious view of her bare pussy. Hoping to fellate his throbbing member, she invites him to sit on the edge of the tub. Then she kisses up and down his shaft before taking it in the back of her throat. Moving onto the mat she covers her client in NURU gel. Straddling his ass she drips gel onto her body as well. Then she slides her lithe body along his length, soothing his sore, neglected muscles with the downward pressure of her wet pussy. Ready to service his giant cock, she flips him over and massages it with her oiled up snatch. She sucks him, barely fitting the head of his cock in her mouth. Then she swivels her ass over Tommy’s face and they 69 while moaning till she cums. He plops her onto his rigid cock and plunges her fiercely in reverse cowgirl. She goes wild riding him, until he places her on her side and fucks her deeply, trying not to blow his load. But then he sucks on her perky tits and loses it, making a cummy mess all over her tummy tattoos! Enjoy!