Hot Brunette Cassidy Klein Gets Oil Massage and Hardcore Action

Scene Title: She Really Wants Those Plane Tickets

Description: Cassidy Klein is welcome as a first time client by her masseuse Marcus London. Being bashful, Marcus is compassionate and shows a great amount of detail to her needs. Cassidy mentions that she’s never had anyone look at her nude before and was instructed that Marcus contact her mother confirming that her daughter went all the way with the massage today. Marcus found it a little strange, but he guessed everyone had their ways of dealing with their daughter’s.

Cassidy was given a towel and was told by Marcus to disrobe. Cassidy was feeling antsy, scared that someone was peeping through watching her getting undressed. Laying down on the table, Marcus walks in, noticing she still had her bra,underwear and knee high stockings on. He asks her politely if she could remove the items since it would interfere with his massage treatment. Marcus continues working her legs and backside, asks her if she could flip over to work on her chest. Cassidy declines politely, making it clear she didn’t need any work done on her back, but this was just due to her timidness. Marcus asks her to stand up, asking her to remove her glasses and let her hair down, stating how pretty of a girl she was and she had nothing to be shy about. Marcus became extremely attracted to Cassidy, touching her face and hair, which leaded Cassidy to lean in, drop her towel and kiss a man for the very first time.

Cassidy wanted to try other things with Marcus, so he removes her underwear and has her lay down on the table, spreading her legs to lick her perfectly shaved pussy lips. Cassidy experiences her first ever clitoral orgasm. Wanting more, she asks Marcus to show her his penis. He had no hesitation showing Cassidy how to suck his dick. She strokes it back and forth with her mouth but still wanting more from him, which meant sticking his cock inside of her virgin pussy. Pushing it slowly inside of her tight hole, he glides it in and out, thrusting slowly then faster and faster the more excited he became. Cassidy moans with pleasure as Marcus pushed deeper inside of her exclaiming he was cumming. Cassidy is so giddy from a wonderful experience, will she come back again for a second round?