Hot Brunette Uma Jolie Gets Fucked Hard at Nuru Massage

Scene Title: Met Over The Pond

Description: The hottest girl in school Uma Jolie is throwing a party for her birthday when Patrick Delphia decides to make his move and ask her out. Like a true nerd, he brings her cupcakes and they onto her lap in a messy heap. Her bikini is covered in icing and she’s miffed. He tries to recover from his blunder and then he asks her out. But Uma breaks his heart and tells him she’s into his buddy Tyler Nixon.

She calls Tyler over to help her clean up. They both lick off the icing on her stomach and thighs. Uma flirts with Tyler then tries to kiss him. But the loyal friend doesn’t want to hurt Patrick who is still in the room. Uma uses her charm to override that decision. She asks him for a massage and he obliges. She flips over and takes off her bikini top. Tyler massages her bare breasts while Patrick observes them in disbelief.

Then Uma insists on massaging Tyler. And by massage, she means blow job. Patrick gawks at the lovers in wide eyed incredulity and storms away angry and betrayed. Tyler tries to apologize to Patrick, but there’s not much he can do. After all, Uma is the hottest chick in school. Things escalate and the horny couple fuck each other all over the cabana. He reams her pussy then fucks her mouth till his cock explodes!