Hot Couples Roleplay with Whitney Wright and Spencer Bradley

Scene Title: Couples Roleplay

Description: Whitney Wright, a masseuse, is back at work on her first day after a long leave of absence. It was a wonderful vacation but she loves her work and can’t wait to dive back in!

As she settles in, she’s greeted by a fellow masseuse, Spencer Bradley, who took care of Whitney’s usual clients while she was gone… including Codey Steele. In fact, he’s due to be in on that day and Whitney naturally plans to be his masseuse once again. But the more she thinks about it, the more Whitney realizes that it’d be wrong to just take him back after Spencer’s been doing such a good job handling him in her absence. That’s when they decide that they’ll let Codey himself decide who should be his regular masseuse from now on.

The problem is that when Codey arrives, he can’t choose between them because they’re both such wonderful ladies. That’s when they decide that Whitney and Spencer will BOTH give him a NURU massage at the same time to help him choose! But once Codey experiences both their hands AND their bodies, will he really be able to go back to just having ONE masseuse??