Sensual Nuru Massage: Keira Croft and Mick Blue’s Naughty Encounter

Scene Title: Business Venture Adventure

Description: Keira Croft has a crush on her new neighbor, Mick Blue. She wants to make a good impression while introducing herself to him, so she brings a gift to his house. However, he has no use for the gift, and the conversation gets awkward. After Keira says goodbye to him and leaves, she grimaces a little, feeling embarrassed and wondering if she’s completely blown her chance with him.

Days later, Keira is working at the massage parlor when a new client comes in for a NURU massage… and the client turns out to be Mick! At first, things are a bit awkward again, but Keira sees this as a second chance and becomes determined to give him a good experience. Keira does her best to show off her body while undressing for the massage, and becomes more confident when she can tell that Mick finds her attractive.

Keira puts NURU gel on Mick’s back, and starts to massage him. She uses her hands at first, to impress him with how skilled and graceful her hands are. She then puts the gel on her breasts and sensually slides her body up and down his back, as the attraction between them grows. Eventually, Keira asks Mick to turn over, and sparks start to really fly. She offers to massage EVERY part of him, and he happily agrees. She strokes his cock, and eventually lets him pound it into her pussy, too. It looks like she was able to make a good impression on him after all!