Hot Massage Session with Gia and Seth, Reality at Nuru Massage

Scene Title: Way Too Anxious

Description: Receptionist Gia Derza sits at her desk at the massage parlor, staring at her phone. She is glassy-eyed and looks bored. Custodian Seth Gamble bounces into the room, leaning on her desk to chat with her. ‘Whatcha doin?’ he asks. Oh, the usual: NOTHING, Gia says. What’s he up to?, she asks Seth. Saaaaame, he groans. He just finished mopping, so now he is OFFICIALLY out of things to do, he adds. ‘You’re my work wife, isn’t it like your job to keep me entertained?!’ he asks playfully. ‘They don’t pay me enough for THAT,’ she jabs back with a grin. He chuckles.

Where is everybody anyway?, he asks. The masseuses?, they’re all with clients, Gia says. Lucky them, their jobs are a lot more interesting than ours, Gia says. ‘Yeah…but at least we have each other to keep each other company, right?’ Seth asks. Her bored expression softens into a smile when she looks at him. That’s true…if he wasn’t around, she’d LITERALLY die, she says. ‘You DO know what ‘literally’ means right?’ he teases her. Haha, she says sarcastically, slapping his arm playfully.

But seriously, PLEASE save her from this crushing boredom, Gia groans and rolls her eyes theatrically. Ok ok, Seth laughs. He has an idea, why don’t they prank Dawn when she gets out of her massage?, he suggests brightly. Again? No, it’s just TOO easy at this point, Gia says. Yeah, she’s right, Seth agrees. And it would be pretty hard to top the last one anyway, Seth laughs. Seriously, did he see her face?!, Gia laughs. They could raid the work fridge for snacks, Seth suggests. ‘We already stole everything good yesterday,’ laughs Gia. Oh, that’s right, he says. His memory is TERRIBLE, he says. But at least he’s good-looking, he adds with a smirk. Pffffff, she scoffs playfully, rolling her eyes. ‘You’re breaking my HEART here!’ he says with mock-hurt. She raises an eyebrow. As far as she understands it, a person has to HAVE a heart in order for it to be broken, so he should be fine judging how he treated the last two girls he dated, Gia jokes. Oooooh, touché, he admits with an approving nod. He suggests that since all the masseuses are busy, they should go into the NURU room and goof around with the equipment. Gia agrees.

In the NURU room, they jokingly throw a dirty towel at each other. After commenting that they need to take a shower, they actually decide to do it.

They hop into the shower and begin to wash themselves. They edge closer and closer to one another. Soon, the tension is too hard to resist and Seth reaches a hand over, caressing Gia tentatively. Um…WHAT is he DOING?, she asks with a grin. There was a reason why the other girls he dated never stood a chance, he says seductively. She smiles, kissing him. As things get hot and heavy, Gia suggests that since all the masseuses are still busy, they should indulge in the FULL NURU experience. Seth is up for it and they rinse off, exiting the shower and going into the massage room.

In the massage room, she tentatively body slides on him. Ohhhh, he says, already enjoying it. No complaints?, she whispers jokingly. ‘NOPE, you may continue,’ he grins. ‘Oh, well THANK YOU for giving me permission,’ she says sarcastically. She continues body sliding on him, but it doesn’t take long for her to straddle him, slipping his cock into her tight pussy.

Looks like these two will never be bored at work again!