Secret Erotic Seduction at Nuru Massage: Skylar Snow & Codey Steele

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Scene Title: Behind The Boss’s Back

Description: Codey Steele arrives for his regular massage, but it happens to be his birthday that day. He is dismayed when the receptionist tells him that his regular masseuse is unavailable. Codey is told that a replacement masseuse has been arranged.

When Codey goes into the massage room, he is surprised to see his girlfriend, Skylar Snow, dressed as a masseuse. She explains that, as a birthday surprise, she has been taking massage lessons and will be taking the place of his masseuse.

Codey is touched by Skylar’s thoughtfulness and effort, elated that she has gone to all this trouble. Skylar invites him to strip and lie face down on the mat, which he eagerly does. When he notices that Skylar is also stripping, he is again excited but puzzled. Not that he’s complaining, but why is SHE getting naked? That doesn’t happen at his regular massages.

Skylar explains that as an EXTRA surprise, he won’t just be getting his regular massage – she’ll be giving him a NURU massage. She playfully adds that – because of his search history – she knows he’s always been interested in getting one. But she also knows him well enough to know that he would never actually get one because he didn’t want to be unfaithful to her. This is finally his chance to experience a NURU massage.

Codey jokes that it pays not to clear his search history, but he is also extremely grateful and excited.

Codey happily surrenders himself to the full NURU experience, as Skylar slides her perfect body on him. He flips over midway through and she body slides on his front side.

He loves the treatment he is getting, mentioning that Skylar’s lessons have paid off – she’s amazing!

Eventually, Codey can’t help but get a boner. Skylar gets a naughty look in her eyes. Slipping her hand around Codey’s cock, she suggests that they have sex, right then and there. Excited by the thrill of public sex, Codey agrees.

Looks like it’s DEFINITELY a happy birthday for Codey!