Intense Erotic Massage with Blonde Summer Day @ Nuru Massage

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Scene Title: The Bet

Description: Logan Long had a tough night at the club the night before. Despite doing everything in his power, he couldn’t just seal the deal and bring a girl home. Not wanting another disappointing night, he calls his favorite massage parlor to see if they can come by.

Summer Day recommends the NURU massage and Logan is intrigued by her proposition. Once he finds out they can be there within the hour, he books his appointment immediately. When she starts taking off her clothes in front of him, he can’t help but wonder what he’s in for. He takes off his clothes and they enter the shower together. Summer massages and lathers his body, but it isn’t long before she grabs his dick. Reminding her of how she mentioned that she was a professional: she confesses that she’s never seen a cock that big before.

Not the type of man to squander an opportunity, he lets her do whatever she wants. They jump in the bath for step two. She pulls out his cock and without a moment’s hesitation; she puts it in her mouth. No one’s ever sucked his dick like that before, he just can’t believe it! They get out of the bath for the grand finale as he lies down and she pours the oil all over her body. Sliding up and down, she rubs her tits on him getting them nice and oiled up. It isn’t long before she turns him over and that huge cock ends up inside her mouth and pussy, she just can’t help it, it feels so fucking good! It looks like the nerd finally sealed the deal!