Intense Nuru Massage with Cali Carter and Will Powers

Scene Title: Cali Carter And Will Powers

Description: Hey Guys,

A good friend of mine Yuri, was treating his worker, Alexis, a smoking hot dancer for a rub down by yours truly. I start massaging the chick, but when I get to her inner thighs, I see something that completely takes me out of my game! I don’t think this chick is actually a chick! She told me her stage name is Alexis, but her real name is Pat. That doesn’t freaking help! I ease my way into her crotch for a better feel of what’s really down there, but she quickly shuts me down. I get Alexis to roll over on her back. She told me she likes to sew but also works on her car. Time to take it up a notch. I come clean to Alexis, telling her that Yuri and her clients have concerns with her gender since she has a deep voice and dances only topless. I told her Yuri wanted me to check if she was really a chick. Alexis was incredibly insulted and assertive that all her body parts were real and nothing was artificial. She demanded I take off my pants so she could blow me like a real woman. Still not completely convinced I was being blown by a guy or a girl, she spread her legs on the table and I pounded that pussy. Her pussy felt so good, it took me no time to cum. Confirmation complete!