Seductive Lesbians Natasha, Darcie, and Xandra Enjoy Nuru Massage

Scene Title: My Marriage Game

Description: Darcie Dolce walks into the room wearing a see-through dress. She looks incredible in it. She sits down and picks up her phone. She calls up Natasha Nice and starts discussing sorority business. There’s a new girl, Xandra Sixx, that needs to be initiated and Darcie has to consult Natasha in order to move forward. Natasha agrees that it’s about time she gets moved up to the next level. Darcie suggests they call her 3- way on the phone to give her the good news. When they tell her that it’s high time she takes the pledge, Xandra is ecstatic. They make plans to meet later that evening and hang up the phone. When Xandra walks into the sorority house, she finds the two girls naked and waiting for her on the bed. She’s slightly taken aback by the fact that they’re not wearing clothes but the girls tell her to come in and sit down. When they ask her if she wants to be a sister, she tells them she does but isn’t sure what getting naked has to do with it. They tell her that each sister has to make the other sisters cum and it’s time she proves herself. When they cum, they become a full-fledged sister. She contemplates it for a moment but it doesn’t take her long to decide that she’s wanted this more than anything. If all she has to do is get naked and dyke it out with her sorority sisters to be part of this group, then she’ll do what she has to do to get in!